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Free Tax Residency Masterclass:

  • How to reduce your overall taxes through your Tax Residency
  • Common mistakes that Digital Nomads make when it comes to their taxes
  • Everything you need to know about international taxes as a Digital Nomad
  • The simple roadmap to Clarity and Confidence around your tax obligations
  • Why the key to figuring out your tax strategy is your Tax Residency

Low Tax Business Setup Mini-Course

Proven step-by-step video course that reveals how you can set up your business in a Low-Tax Country and start saving taxes TODAY!

You don’t need to be a ‘BIG tech company’ to have a Tax-Efficient Business Structure…

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Global Tax Strategy Design - Online Course

SIMPLE step-by-step online course for designing your Tax Strategy in just 5 Days!


  • Detailed video training that guides you through the process of the 4 Fundamental Pillars needed for a complete and smart tax strategy.
  • Different scenarios for easy tax strategy setups that take the confusion and stress out of compliance risks.
  • And much, much more!

Who Is Kathleen Di Paolo?


Kathleen Di Paolo is a location-independent entrepreneur who runs an international consulting business, Wanderers Wealth.

Having visited over 40 countries, lived in more than 3 different countries, and worked as an International Tax Lawyer and in Diplomacy, she has accumulated invaluable experience when it comes to advising entrepreneurs on how to do business abroad, solve tax residency, and incorporation issues.

Kathleen possesses a broad range of competencies in the international business and tax industry.

With her international profile, fluency in 5 languages, and by balancing entrepreneurship and 3 years of full-time travel, she has helped hundreds of Digital Nomads, Remote Workers, Freelancers, Expats, and Location-Independent Entrepreneurs around the world with their international tax and corporate structures.

When Kathleen isn’t working, she can be found out in nature hiking, snowboarding, surfing, or doing yoga. She is most passionate about teaching people how different countries apply different financial systems that can majorly benefit entrepreneurs and their businesses.

See What Past Clients Are Saying...

"I highly recommend working with Kathleen, she made everything extremely clear and spoke in a language that I could understand. Before reaching out to her, I had spent countless hours trying to find someone who could help me figure out some of the rules for my international clients but I wasn't successful. She was extremely prompt and I feel totally confident to now move forward with something that I wasn't sure about before. You won't regret working with her!"

- Lydia J.

"Figuring out the best way to plant your various flags around the world, while taking international tax law into account can be very time-consuming and confusing. After spending countless hours doing my own research, I booked a consulting session with Kathleen, which was great! Kathleen is very thorough and knowledgeable and after I provided her with some details about my personal situation and preferences, she laid out some clear and sensible suggestions that were very useful. After the session, she delivered a concise summary of her suggestions, which was great as I can now refer back to her notes when needed. I highly recommend Kathleen and Wanderer's Wealth to anyone who is looking to optimize their international business and tax strategy."

- Henrik H.

"Being an independent business owner, and traveling the world as a nomad whilst conducting my business, I sought to find a jurisdiction which was more aligned to my business and residential situation than where it was initially established. I reached out to Kathleen at Wanderer's Wealth to get her input on possible jurisdictions that would be more favorable to my situation and I was very pleased with the communication, work, and result she provided. Her services come with my recommendations."


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